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Heap Leaching and dump leach

Controlling the flow rate.

In order to maximize the ore extraction , One of the most important parameters in designing the Irrigation system is to control the pressure system In order to make the most efficient system to use with maximum hydraulic performance so the ore receives the design solution application flow rate throughout the entire leach pad. 

Our Mining hydraulic control Valves  made of non-metallic materials at sizes greater than 50mm (2").

These are direct-sealing diaphragm Valves that are operated by the line pressure.(no need air or electricity)

The reinforced rubber diaphragm seals the water passage when line pressure reaches the Valve's control chamber and is the only moving part in the Valve, thus allowing for friction-free operation and extra-simple design with superb reliability.

The Valves are available with a wide range of control functions:

Flushing Valves For Mining Heap Leaching Solutions
Heap leaching  Irrigation
  • Manual activation,

  • Pressure Reducing Valves, Flushing Control.

  • Available in sizes: 50-160 mm (“2,”3,”4,”6 )

High Performance  Hydraulic Flushing  Control Valves  for Mininge .

Drip irrigation is the most advanced and the most efficient of all irrigation methods in the Mining field . However, its exceptional capabilities cannot be effectively implemented if the user is not familiar with the related knowledge and does not implement it in the current operation and maintenance of the Drip irrigation system.

In order to maintain the Irrigation Drip system properly and maximize solution application flow rate extraction , we need to flush the system periodically .

Proper flushing of the irrigation system is one of the most important steps, Flushing the irrigation system reduces the accumulation of pollutants to a minimum, by pushing them out of the system. The system must be flushed at regular intervals.

The frequency depends mainly on the Solution quality and the maintenance program.

Flushing of the irrigation system is comprised of 3 steps,

Flushing the main pipe.

Flushing the sub-main lines( flat net ).

Flushing the dripper lines.

During the irrigation the velocity in drip line is low.

By Opening the Flushing system Valves the flow velocity grows and flash the solid particles out.

The flushing velocity should be at least 0.5 m/sec.

Our Automatic flushing system maintain the drip lines clean and reduce drippers clogging.

Heap leaching  Irrigation

The Valves are available with a wide range of control functions:

  • Manual activation,

  • Flushing Controller.

  • Available in sizes: 50-160 mm (“2,”3,”4,”6 )

Cooper Heap leaching  Irrigation
Copper Heap leaching  Irrigation
Gold Heap leaching Irrigation
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