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GYRO-Turbo Mining Sprinklers 

The Right & Optimal Drop Size For Any Ore  

Bio Heap leaching and Heap Leach Aeration

ARS Gyro Irrigation System

Our new patent Sprinklers Irrigation technology changing the face of heap leach mining operations by a maximizing high uniformity percolation and metal extraction from the heap.

Installing the right sprinklers irrigation system is one of the most important elements in the process which affects the permeability and the uniformity percolation all over the pad.

With ARS Gyro irrigation system, we ensure to control the flow rate m2, ratio of oxygen and the right drop size during the leaching which is the most important and critical aspect for the ore by controlling the percolation all over the pad.

Our  new Gyro Sprinklers® technology has proven by increasing the metal extraction while reducing the operating expenses.

The ultimate Sprinkler for full coverage for all type of heap leaching , Copper ,Gold and Uranium Mines.

The best and the optimal drop size for uniform percolation and for any ore .

The right drop size dissolved oxygen in the solution (15% more) with  excellent distribution uniformity percolation.


Combination between  GyroNet™ Turbo sprinklers MegaNet™  and  FlatNet™ flexible pipe with male thread inlet connector 1/2"  the ultimate and the best Gyro Sprinkler irrigation system in the mining field for full coverage for heap leaching or drip irrigation  in Gold, Copper , and Uranium Mines


Very robust Gyro sprinkler

Gyro sprinkler , 5 different flow rates :  

200 , 250 , 300 , 400 , 500 l/h.

Nominal flow rates at 1.8 to 2.5 bar

Maximum recommended working pressure : 3.0 bar

Inlet connector : 1/2" threaded male

In-Line PRV Low Flow pressure regulator.

Wbbler irrigation Heap leaching
Heap leaching Wobbler Sprinklers
Heap leaching wobbler Sprinklers
Heap leaching  wobbler Sprinklers
Heap leaching Wobbler Sprinklers
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