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Mining& aeration nanobubb generatorles

ARS Nanobubble Generator is the most efficient aeration technology
to transfer oxygen into the ILS ,PLS & Raffinate Solution. 

Nanobubble Generator 
transfer oxygen into the ILS , PLS & Raffinate Solution.

ARS Nanobubble Generator is the most efficient aeration technology to transfer virtually any gas into any solution liquid. The Nanobubble generator produces trillions of Nanobubbles, ~100nm in size, providing more than 200-times the interfacial surface area of conventional ultra-fine micro bubbles.


The ARS Nanobubble generator transfers gas with greater than 90% efficiency, providing maximum utilization potential, improving the functionality of heap leaching solution , and enhancing the recovery processes. ARS nanobubbles remain in suspension after saturation, creating a reserve of available oxygen/gas in the irrigation system-solution for heap leaching method.


Features & benefits.

  •  90% standard oxygen transfer efficiency.

  • ~ 100nm in size.

  • Smallest size bubbles creating 200 x the interfacial surface area compared to micro bubbles.

  • Highest concentration of bubbles per cm3 ( >100M bubbles/cm3 )

  • Nanobubbles stay suspended in the solution after solution reaches saturation during the percolation.

  • Increases solutions capacity to hold a given gas.

  • Low-turbulent gas diffusion.

  • Reduces the density of water, therefore reducing friction.

Installing the right irrigation system is one of the most important elements in the process which affects the permeability and the uniformity percolation all over the pad. 


With ARS technology system we ensure to control the flow rate m2 and the amount of dissolved oxygen . The ratio of oxygen during the leaching is the most important and critical aspect for the ore by controlling the percolation and the oxygen in to the leaching ore .

With ARS Nanobubble Generator we control and inject the right amount of oxygen during the leaching process.


  • Sulfide Heap Leaching - PLS , ILS & Raffinate .

  • Gold Heap Leaching.

  • Copper Heap Leaching. 

  • Bioheap bacterial leaching technology.

  • Chalcopyrite heap leaching.

  • Floatation.

  • Biological Wastewater Treatment.



  • No Moving Parts

  • Plug-and-Play

  • Self-Cleaning.


NanoBubble Heap Leaching Genaretor
Sulfide Heap Leaching - Oxyg Nanobubble en
Sulfide Heap Leaching
Sulfide Heap Leaching
Bioheap bacterial leaching technology
Bioheap bacterial leaching technology
Sulfide Heap Leaching
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