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Heap Leach Aeration

Irrigation Mining Solutions Products for leach recovery of Copper Gold and Uranium.

The best Uniform Percolation

Heap Leaching Copper

Less Clogging, More Production

With the A.R.S Leach Line Drippers Irrigation Systems,

you can now Get more Copper ,Gold, and Nickel .  More Efficient Drippers With Highest Uniformity Percolation".

Up To 90% copper and Gold extraction.

Heap Leaching is being done worldwide on relatively low-grade ores for Copper , Gold  and Uranium recovery. Typical operations take place from piriods of 2 months to 6 months per heap, and the recovery achieved is higher then 50% and may get as high as 80% in some cases. Both oxide copper and sulfide copper ores are amenable to leaching process, with the rate of recovery being higher for oxide Copper and Gold .


Installing the right irrigation system in the mines, is a highly important element in the process of Leaching, and it has great effects on the the permeability and the uniformity percolation all over the pad.


With A.R.S irrigation system we ensure to control the flow rate m2.

The flow rate and the ratio of oxygen during the leaching is a critical aspect for the ore for it control's the percolation all over the pad.

The A.R.S new Drip Leach Irrigation technology is changing the face of heap leach mining operations all lover the world, by maximizing metal extraction from the heap,


Our new technology has proven itself to increase metal extraction up to 90% recovery while reducing the operating expenses.                      


With Our Innovation, creative , professionalism and experience we provide a wide choice of Engineering irrigation system designs and installation to the Mines.      


We are one of the world's leading enterprises for heap Leaching Irrigation systems .

Heap leaching  Cooper recovery
Heap Leaching Permanent, Dynamic  Dump leach

Maximizing Metal Extraction From Your Heap

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