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Heap Leaching Irrigation

FlatNet™ Reinforced Polyethylene Flexible Pipe

FlatNet™  Mining Pipes is a robust piping solution for mainline and sub-mainline drip and sprinkler applications.   

A high-performance and cost-efficient product,

FlatNet features unique integral welded outlets that lower installation costs, while ensuring a secure, leakage-free connection between distribution pipes and laterals.

Available in a wide range of diameters, FlatNet addresses the design requirements of any on surface or subsurface drip irrigation or sprinkler deployment.


A thermoplastic collapsible irrigation pipe constructed from premium polyethylene (PE), FlatNet offers many advantages over other pipe solutions. FlatNet is highly portable, flexible and lightweight, thereby reducing manpower, freight, maintenance and storage requirements. Versatile and durable, FlatNet is able to withstand the most stringent climatic and environmental conditions. A highly flexible solution, FlatNet completely eliminates buckling, making it ideal for high-pressure applications, diameters: 2", 3" and 4".


Features &Benefits

  • Low expansion and zero axial elongation, no snaking.

  • Flat and compact coil design.

  • High chemical resistance.

  • Reduces freight and storage and handling costs.

  • confidence in the connections between distribution pipes and laterals.

  • Light and flexible, easily moved from one installation to another.

  • User friendly and faster layout and retrieving process, Lower maintenance requirements.

  • Up to 80% lighter than other similar products.

  • Complete package, pipes, full range of branching connectors and a complete line of connectors for dripperlines and laterals.

  • Easier to work with on the pad , Saves labor on the pad.

  • Conforms to odd shapes and layouts .

  • Rolls lay out manually or by machine and can be retrieved with mechanized equipment.

  • No drilling and tapping required for lateral connections.

  • No glued PVC couplings or heat fusion welding of HDPE required.

  • Only 2 sockets needed to install and retrieve.

  • Durable factory installed, pre-spaced 1/2" deep FIPT outlets.

  • Eliminates fitting pop-outs common with other products.

  • Reduces labor with quality threaded connections that can be used over and over.

  • Enhanced composite fabric structure significantly reduces buckling and expansion (low expansion coefficient) typically seen with lay flat and other HDPE pipes.

  • Reinforced polyethylene weaves increase durability in rocky conditions.

Heap Leaching Irrigation
Heap leaching process
Heap leaching process
Heap leaching  Irrigation
Heap leaching  Irrigation Wobbler
Heap leaching irrigation for Copper
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