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Tailings Dam Evaporation Floating System


Tailings Dam ARS Evaporation Floating System

Evaporation Technology -Water Management Systems Dewatering Mining Waste Water

Water management and controlling the excess wastewater in the tailings dams is becoming more critical and challenging for the Mines and for the environmental.

Tailings dams requires large areas to naturally evaporate the water and concentrate all solids , minerals and salts in the tailings dams.

Additional challenge that the Mines has to deal with is the rainy season, In those areas where the rainfall is very high, it can lead to complex residue storage design.


ARS has developed a floating evaporation surfacing system to address the problems of excess water in the Mining production processes.


ARS provide and design complete floating evaporation systems with the optimum components for maximum system

Evaporation performance in order to provide the most efficient evaporation system. moreover, this evaporation system requires lowest labor costs and provides maximum hydraulic performance so the designed evaporation solution application is throughout the entire ponds / tailings dam.


ARS evaporation system made from thermoplastic collapsible the pipe constructed from premium polyethylene (HDPE), the pipe system  is highly portable, flexible and lightweight, thereby reducing manpower, freight and  maintenance. ARS evaporation system is able to withstand the most stringent climatic (acid resistant) and environmental conditions.

Features &Benefits

  • The pipe system and the integral floating system are made of 100% Polyethylene HDPE , totally recyclable material.

  • Easy to install, lower installation costs, no need any special equipment or tools.

  • High chemical and UV resistance.

  • Low pressure applications (3 bar working pressure).

  • Non required electricity, air or controller panels.

  • Reducing the operating expenses, Lower operating costs

  • Highly evaporation performance (H2O).

  • Solves the problems with the environment. Environmentally friendly.

  • Safe and effective treatment of mining waste water  products,  Safe to the operators.

  • A highly flexible solution,(Any amount of evaporation)

  • Smaller land area for the same evaporation rates in tailings dams.

  • Reduce the size for new tailings dams to lower capital expenditure.

  • Extend the life of existing tailings dams, instead of building a new dam.

  • Evaporation floating distribution on any liquid surface.

  • Automatic adaptation to water level changes.

  • Low  running cost, Low maintenance cost.

  • Free design, Consulting and support along with our after sales.

Evaporation – Mining Wastewater Treatment
Tailings Dams Evaporation System
Mining Evaporation Tailings ponds
Mining Evaporation Tailings ponds
Mining Evaporation Tailings ponds
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