HDPE Geotechnical Membrane 

Our HDPE  

Our Products are manufactured under strict quality control ISO 9001-2000 with state of the art technologies, along with our after sales services.

With millions of square meters installed in mining operations around the world, our HDPE GEOMEMBRANE LINING SYSTEMS are proven to be the most durable, dependable and cost-effective containment solution in heap leach pads.

Our liners are made from the highest quality resins and exhibit superior resistance to punctures, stress cracking, and harsh chemicals.

Available in wide width panels, Our HDPE  Geomembranes require fewer welds.


HDPE Geotechnical Membrane
Solution  For
Heap Leaching 
Tailings Storage
Our Service 

ARS has the ability to procure and supply to site all required HDPE GEOMEMBRANE materials and to furnish all required site supervision, skilled technicians, in-house quality control technicians, site labor, deployment equipment and equipment operators, etc., related to the installation of the HDPE Geomembrane  materials.

Our geomembrane lining installation experience with HDPE over the past 20 years.

HDPE Geotechnical Membrane
  • Highly flexible - for easier handling during sealing installation.

  • High strength - to withstand mechanical damage.

  • Long lasting - under various soil conditions.

  • Highly resistant - to a wide range of chemical substances.

  • Tightly sealed - by an advanced welding system.

  • Economical - providing excellent cost/ benefit results.

  • Quality Assurance..

  • Width Up To 9.4 m.

  • Excellent chemical resistance due to selected raw materials.

  • Smooth edges with removable plastic tape for clean welding surface and overlap line.

  • High Melt Flow Index allows an excellent welding performance.

Our Products Geomebranes are:
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